Unique ideas to decorate places with Runner Rugs

Unique ideas to decorate places with Runner Rugs

Do you want to transform your ordinary room into a vibrant and elegant place? Adding a runner rug can help you achieve a modern and contemporary look for your home.

Carpet runners are used in high traffic areas as they are wider but appear narrow when placed on the floor.

Here’s how you can bring out the décor of your home with our 5 unique ideas.

  1. Create an impressive entry point

Get ready to welcome your guests and create a good impression by installing a runner rug. Hall runners in Melbourne are commonly used as a decorative accessory for retail shops, homes and commercial properties. You can select a simple pattern with a dark colour background such as charcoal or grey. The textural and bold look of the runner rugs will highlight the interiors of your hallway. Made from polypropylene material, the rugs are also easy to care for.

  1. Add a cosy texture to your kitchen’s floors

Runner rugs can improve the appearance while complementing the neutral tones of your kitchen. They can be placed between the cabinets and the island. You can give a makeover to your kitchen by installing a rug with a beautiful colour palette and sophisticated patterns. The rug can be draped over the seating area to enhance the appearance of your kitchen. As kitchen rugs are more likely to receive accidental spills, the runner rugs are easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Upgrade your bedroom with style

For bedrooms, you must pick a material that can absorb dust and dirt. The carpet runners in Melbourne adds a distinctive texture to your space. You can go with a minimalist bedroom design while still adding a decent amount of colour and pattern to it. The larger runner rugs are ideal for bedrooms and can be placed on both sides of the bed.

  1. Tackle your bathroom’s humid conditions

The runner rugs do not only offer a warm and organic texture but also protects the flooring against damp and humid conditions. You can consider adding a dark coloured rug to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Rugs are highly versatile; they are well-suited for any space large or narrow. Drips of water won’t cause any harm to the rug’s texture. You can go with a wool rug as its natural fibres are highly resistant to liquid and dust. The rugs can be cleaned through simple vacuuming.

  1. Make your staircase noise-free

Is your staircase made from hardwood material? The runner rugs are a must-have addition to your home. These rugs are made from premium quality material that prevents slips and falls. Also, they significantly reduce noise once the rugs are installed properly. You can explore traditional and contemporary designs and choose a print that matches the colour scheme of your interiors of the house.

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