Gorgeous Homes Featuring Kilim Rugs Inspired Designs

Gorgeous Homes Featuring Kilim Rugs Inspired Designs

The Kilim rugs are known for their tribal patterning and rich colours. These rugs can complement every interior space as they a unique way to revamp your home.

Kilim rugs are usually flat and thin, they differ greatly from other types of handmade rugs. The rug is woven on a loom and is created by interlocking the threads both vertically and horizontally.

So, are you looking for a versatile rug for your home?

Here we’re going to show you five creative ways by which you can incorporate a Kilim rug in your home.

  1. Create A Focal Point

Have you ever wondered how your living room would look with an extremely stylish and versatile rug placed at the centre? Pick bright coloured Kilim rugs in Melbourne and style your living room. You can either place it in front of your couch or chairs and put a table on top of it. This will help you create a focal point and highlight the beautiful furniture pieces. The Kilim rugs instantly add colour, and texture to any room or space.

  1. For High Traffic Areas

The Kilim rugs in Australia are widely used in high traffic zones such as a dining room or kitchen. You can protect your floors from dust, spills and damage by placing the rugs right under the dining table. If you’re dining table is located in the kitchen, you can choose a colour scheme that matches the colour and pattern of your kitchen cabinets and vanities. Even if you’ve got pets at home, the flatweave rugs are easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Play With Contrasting Colours

Kilim rugs are available in custom designs and dimensions. You can experiment a little by placing both small and large-sized rugs in your home. Have a look at the image below and you will see how these different sized rugs complement each other and create a unique look.

While layering up the rugs, make sure that you choose similar tones and patterns to create a chic look.

  1. Hang It Up With Style

When it comes to styling your home with a rug, why not decorate your walls too? The Kilim rugs in Melbourne are made from specialised handmade textiles that give them a rich pattern as well as colour. In this home, you will see a vivid tone rug placed on the bedroom wall.

That’s what makes Kilim rugs perfectly suitable for any space; walls or floors.

  1. Perfect Reading Space

If you’re a book lover or enjoy your evening tea sitting quietly looking out through the window, then you should definitely try this look for your home.

Design your personalised reading space and give your monotonous room a unique touch. Whether you need to revamp your living room or add more depth, these rugs are the perfect addition to any spot big or small.

Looking for Kilim Rugs in Australia?

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