Afghan Kilim Rugs for Sale

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Afghan kilim rugs consist of beautiful artwork that works for almost every room in your house. The kilim rugs are more impact resilient and offer a practical floor covering solution to Melbourne homeowners who are searching for less expensive rug options.

Silk Road Handmade Rugs is home to a wide variety of versatile rugs and carpets made with advanced flat weaving techniques and durable materials. You can view an extended range of Afghan kilim rugs available for sale in our showroom and website. We make product recommendations based on your budget and design specific requirements. Our expert staff will help you choose from different types of rugs in the exact colour scheme and design element that will liven up your home.

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The Afghan kilim rugs flat weave made of wool comes in distinct, warm colours and tribal designs. The colour palette blends well with both traditional and modern home decor. These types of rugs are useful in heavy-traffic areas including the hallway and kitchen. They are also suitable for decorating offices and showrooms.

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The amazing geometric and diagonal patterned Afghan kilim rugs can be used as sofa and bench coverings. The wefts are packed tightly to create distinctive diagonal and sharp patterns. Available in vivid colour palettes, the minimalistic designs of kilim rugs are reversible which means they can be used from both sides.


  • Characterised by their simple and bold geometric designs
  • Intricate design made with woven wool and cotton threads
  • High-quality embroidery and needlework
  • Flatweave embroidered designs

Benefits of Afghan Kilim Rugs

The Afghan kilim rugs are carefully crafted and display beautiful designs that will enhance the look of your home as soon as they are put on the floors. Kilim rugs can be used all year round despite the seasonal changes. They offer better insulation during winters and the lightweight and breathable fabric traps lesser heat during summers.

If you’re worried about maintaining the expensive flooring of high-traffic areas in your store, you can use kilim rugs. This flatweave kilim rug is easy to clean and maintain as they do not shed. The rugs add a splash of colour into any space they are installed in.

At Silk Road Handmade Rugs, we bring a vast collection of hall runners and Afghan kilim rugs that are flat weave. We ensure to deliver the best quality products at affordable prices. The amazing stripe patterns are easy on the eyes and will look great on your floor.

Come visit our showroom. We have got thousands of rug designs to help you decorate your space in any way you want.

If you’re searching for a specific rug for your home or want to share your design ideas, we can help. We offer custom-made rugs and carpets manufactured as per our client’s expectations and requirements.