10 Facts About Vintage Rugs in Melbourne That Everyone Should Know

10 Facts About Vintage Rugs in Melbourne That Everyone Should Know

Want to add a touch of elegance to your space with vintage rugs?

Available in a variety of shades, styles and sizes, vintage rugs are valued for their timeless look and impeccable construction. They are highly sought after and the versatility of the rug makes it the perfect option for every setting. If you are on the quest for the perfect vintage rugs, here are a few interesting facts that you must know.

Most Vintage Rugs Are Not Perfect

Vintage rugs are known for their distinctiveness and each piece is unique. You may come across imperfections and colour variations that actually increase the character of such rugs.

Rich History

Vintage rugs have a rich history and the design elements used in the rugs tell stories about cultures. The rugs are identifiable by their rich colours and traditional patterns.

Timeless Patterns

Vintage rugs can never go out of style and harmoniously merge with both traditional and modern settings. They are crafted to add character and charm to spaces and make an incredible feature. The rugs include floral motifs, borders and scrollwork and are devoid of sharp lines and geometric patterns.

Authentic Handmade Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are handmade and valued for their quality. Durable and hard-wearing, the rugs are constructed to endure high-traffic areas and still look gorgeous.

Colour Scheme

Vintage rugs usually have neutral and earthy tones and you will not come across bold, bright hues. However, based on the vintage period, there are a few exceptions. Vintage rugs with dense floral themes may consist of grey accents.

An Assortment of Shapes

Vintage-styled rugs are available in rectangular and circular shapes and offer a unique way to accentuate the look of a traditional interior. The borders that are present on vintage rugs work in creating visual interest.

Available in Different Sizes

Vintage rugs make the perfect statement pieces and can also be used as runners. These timeless, patterned pieces work perfectly in any space to create a striking look.

Layering Rugs

Vintage rugs offer wide possibilities and you can even consider layering them to suit the precise needs of your space. If you have a vintage rug that is smaller for your room, you can layer it with jute or any other neutral rug. Make sure to choose a larger rug with a flat weave so that the vintage rug can be smoothly placed on top of it.

The Rugs Will Get Better With Time

Vintage rugs are known for their intricate detailing and crafted to stand the test of time. However, make sure that the rugs are rotated every few years so that there is even wear. This will also help to avoid direct sunlight and the rugs will develop a patina of their own only to look even more amazing with time.

Vintage Rugs Can be Used with Various Design Styles

If you are adorning your space with a classic patterned rug, you can consider adding other design elements from the same colour shade as that of the rug. By adding cushions or pillows with vintage elements, you can perfectly complete the look.

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