Ultimate Guide To Buying Vintage Rugs

Ultimate Guide To Buying Vintage Rugs

Looking for vintage rugs to add a timeless look to your home?

Vintage rugs make the perfect choice to spruce up the look of any space. Available in rich colours and various patterns, vintage rugs make a statement piece. The design and sophisticated look of the rug ensures that it harmoniously merges with any setting. However, given the wide options, you may find the task of choosing the right rug a daunting one. If you have been wondering what is the best way to choose a vintage rug, we have created the following guide for you. You can either choose rugs that add colour or a plush feel to your home. The choices are amazing and with a few simple tips, you can get it right. Read on to know how you can choose the most suitable vintage rugs for your home.

Narrow Down Your Search

The key to finding the right rug is to either start or end with the rug. You can design your room based on the colours and patterns used on the rug. Make sure to focus on the colour to build a scheme for your room. This method will help you to narrow down your search and design a space that reflects your style.

Size of the Rug

The size of the rug is an important consideration and can impact the overall look of your space. You can start by checking the dimension of your room. This will help you to understand the shape and size that will best work. Make sure to avoid buying a rug that is of the same size as your room.

The Design Possibilities are Wide

If you are choosing a vintage rug, you will notice that there are certain imperfections and you may not come across the right size. The size is based on the width of the loom and this means that the design possibilities are wide. There are interesting opportunities and you can create the texture, dimension and look you want.

Choose Rugs Crafted from Hand-spun Yarn

If you are choosing an antique rug, you need to make sure that you not only go for a hand-woven rug but one that is made from hand-spun yarn. This creates a difference in the texture, consistency and quality and you will notice that the hand-spun yard has irregularities.

Check the Fade

The irregularities in hand-spun yarn add depth, dimension and enhance the look of the rug. There are variations in vintage rugs that add a unique look to them.

Are you looking for antique rugs?

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