How to Pick the Best Hallway Runner Rug?

How to Pick the Best Hallway Runner Rug?

Choosing the rug as a focal point of your living space can be a tedious task, one that needs an understanding of the colour and space nuances. When you think of hallways, then the right runner rugs or hall runners have the ability to change and elevate the simple hallway to something classy, elegant and inviting - runner rugs add culture and character.

If you are thinking about buying transitional rugs or hall runners for your Melbourne home, this article will surely act as a helpful guide to picking the right runner rugs.

Common purposes of hall runners in Melbourne

Narrow hallways are tricky to decorate, and most often, interior designers go for the hall runners to transform the space. However, the transitional rugs offer multiple benefits and fit varied purposes in different areas of the home.

Here are a few of them:

  • A visual transformation: Hall runners in Melbourne home can dramatically change how the entry to a hallway feels. The rich colours and soft fabrics make the space feel welcoming and warm. In addition, they make the narrow space of a hallway look visually better.
  • Flooring protection in high traffic areas: Thick, durable transitional runner rugs have functional benefits in addition to their visual decor transformation. They are aptly suited to protect expensive flooring near entryways from high foot traffic wear and damage.
  • Creating a guideway to guests: Similar hall runners add a sense of pathway to designated areas of the home. Hall runners in Melbourne home create a sense of ‘leading’ to another place, which adds to the decor and visual transformation.

Hallway runners in Melbourne can elevate the following spaces:


Runner rugs in the kitchen between the island and cabinets add a warm and cosy surface for tired legs and can give a sense of focus to a large kitchen. You could dial up the style quotient by choosing a complementary or contrasting transitional rug based on your kitchen theme.


Hardwood staircase with soft and plush runners rugs immediately enriches the stairwell and infuses a sense of style, luxury and warmth. However, the runner needs to be fixed on the stair treads for safety.

Open floor plan space distinction:

A transitional rug can subtly show space distinction in an open floor plan space. For example, a well-chosen runner rug can conveniently lead people to the kitchen or the breakfast nook from a living area.


Well, this is an obvious location to put runners in the hallways of your home. As discussed earlier, narrow passageways or entry hallways can greatly benefit from transitional runner rugs that can dramatically transform how the space feels.

Different Hallway Runners styles and sizes in Melbourne:

Standard hallway runners in Melbourne run for about 6 to 14 feet long and measure about two to three feet in width. While including transitional rugs, do be mindful to not extend the runner rug beyond the space it covers, and it lays flat at the centre.

When it comes to the many styles of runner rugs, there are way too many textures, colours, fibres to choose from. You can infuse an eclectic or a homogenous feel with the choice of transitional rugs. You could also go bold or subtle with the pattern, fibre and colour scheme.

Enjoy your hallways runner shopping in Melbourne. It’s going to be a great experience.

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