How to Choose a Rug for Your Living Space

How to Choose a Rug for Your Living Space

Beautiful, handcrafted silk rugs or designer rugs for your Melbourne home can single-handedly transform the vibe of the space and elevate the style quotient. Beyond visually appealing silk rugs, they have the added function of protecting the flooring and adding comfort to the living space.

Choosing the right traditional or designer rugs for your Melbourne home or office could be a daunting task, with so many options available. In this article, we walk you through the various factors to consider and give you useful tips that will help make your silk rugs shopping experience more fulfilling.

Size, Function and Scale factors:

A good way to start shopping for different types of designer rugs in Melbourne or traditional rugs is to filter your choices through these three important factors - the size of rug needed, function it needs to offer and the scale. By prioritising these aspects, you'll be able to find the perfect rugs for your Melbourne home.

Size of rug matters:

Knowing what size best suits the space is the first filter to sieve many rugs. Very few rugs come in all sizes, and traditional Persian rugs or contemporary designer rugs in Melbourne are available in large sizes to fit a massively big room. If you end up choosing a small one compared to the room furniture, it won't create the transformation effect you wished for. Alternately, a big all floor-space encompassing rug will look stuffy and not too elegant.

There are many sizing guides available online to help you figure out the rug size needed for a specific room. Generally, a rule of thumb is a handy one to get the size right. The rugs for your Melbourne home should be at least two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the space. For example, if you have a 10'x12' room, a silk rug of size 8'x10' will do. Likewise, a 5'x 8' rug will suit a 7'x10' room and smaller accent rugs for smaller spaces.

Be discerning:

With the sheer variety of designer rugs in Melbourne, not to add the traditional and tribal hand-knotted rugs, you need to have a selective mindset to choose the perfect rugs for your Melbourne home. Various motifs, colours, patterns of rugs can influence the visual ambience of a room and knowing that your rug choice could make or break your theme, you'll need to learn which type of silk rugs or designer rugs will suit your already existing decor and theme. 

The beautiful hand-knotted Kashan rug or heriz will suitably complement the space if you have a traditional, classic-themed interior. On the other hand, for modern, contemporary even bohemian styled interiors, the popular choice of rugs would be the Beni Qurain Moroccan rug. The kilim rugs are an excellent addition to eclectic rooms with a distinct character and personality, and geometric patterns add much elegance to Hollywood Regency style interiors.

What's the function?

Understanding the performance factors of rugs as a floor space plays a vital role in choosing them. Different rooms in your home will need different types of area rugs. For example, the silk and designer rugs in Melbourne are best for homes with older, non-messy kids and where the foot traffic is going to be minimal. However, in a household with young toddlers and active pets, choosing easy machine washable and long-lasting, durable fibres will keep the rug performing and functioning for long. Such high-performance rugs are chosen to go with natural rugs made of jute, seagrass, and sisal.

Choose wisely and prioritise the size, scale and function to ensure both your investment and sanity are intact with the choice of traditional or designer rugs in Melbourne.

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