8 Tips to Pick the Perfect Round Rugs for Dining Room

8 Tips to Pick the Perfect Round Rugs for Dining Room

Want to transform the look of your dining space with an elegant rug?

An expertly crafted rug can add colour, style and texture to your room. Rugs offer an easy way to enhance the look of your home and create a welcoming space to entertain guests and spend time with family. However, choosing a rug that offers the best in design and practicality requires careful consideration of several factors. You need to find out the shape, colour and size that will best work for your room. If you are looking for round rugs in australia for your dining space, the following tips will help you to make the right choice.

Size of the Rug

It is essential to have a minimum of 24 inches of extra space on all the sides of the dining table. This will ensure that guests can conveniently pull the chair without tripping over the rug. You can even consider going for a broader border. To get the size right, start by measuring the dining table and adding 24 inches or more on all the sides.

The Texture of The Rug

The dining space is an area where spills do take place. This implies that you need to choose a rug that is easy to clean and maintain. You can go for flat-weave or low-pile rugs that make a practical addition to your home.

Use the Rug As The Starting Point

If you are designing a new space, you can consider choosing the rug first and using its texture and colour to set the tone of your dining space. Light colour from the rug can be used on the walls and the darker shades can be used to accentuate the overall look of your room.

Choose Fabrics that Can Be Cleaned Easily

Natural fibres like wool and cotton are convenient to clean and maintain. Synthetic blends are difficult to clean and must be avoided. The finer the rug, the easier it is to clean. You can go for a smooth rug with materials that are easy to maintain.

Match the Shape of the Rug to That of the Room

Using the shape of the room to determine the rug will add a seamless and sophisticated look. If you have a square room, you can choose a round rug that will enrich your space with a pleasing look. Similarly, you can even match the shape of the dining table with that of the rug. Round dining tables look great with a round rug.

Avoid Light Colours

Light coloured rugs must be avoided in the dining space as spots and marks will easily be visible. You can choose a darker shade to match other furniture pieces or the wall in your room.

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