Why Rug Cleaning Is Important?

Why Rug Cleaning Is Important?

Rugs make a stylish and practical addition to any space. However, over time, they do pick up dust and dirt and you may notice that the original lustre is lost. This makes rug cleaning at regular intervals extremely important. It will ensure that the rugs look fabulous for years and that the wearing out of the fibre slows down. Having your rugs cleaned by a professional offers several benefits. You can increase the shelf life of the rug and maintain the immaculate look of your room. Read on to find out more about rug cleaning and its importance.

Rug Maintenance

Purchasing a new rug can be expensive and it is important that you clean the rugs regularly to save time and money. There are different types of rugs and if you have invested in an expensive one, rug cleaning is something that you cannot overlook. If your rugs look visibly dirty, you can get them cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Pest Control

Rugs can trap dust, dirt and allergens in their fibres. Pests and bugs can thrive in the conducive conditions offered in the rug’s fibres. By getting the rug cleaned regularly, you can prevent eggs from hatching in the rug and keep it clean. There are different types of rugs and the amount of cleaning required depends on the type of rug and usage. There are some rugs that may require more cleaning than the rest. This implies that considering the type of rug is important to understand its cleaning demands.

Maintain the Form of the Rug

If you are keen to prolong the lifespan of your rugs, you need to ensure that it is free from dirt and sand particles. Regular cleaning will help to maintain the look and form of the rug. This is especially important if you have pets or children at home. Pets shed hair and can even leave visible marks on the surface of the rug. All of these require frequent and prompt cleaning to maintain the look of the rug.


If outside footwear is being used, the rugs need to be cleaned regularly. Shoes that are worn outside bring bits of dirt and pollutants that may settle on the rug.

The Colour of the Rug

The frequency of cleaning is also determined by the colour of the rug. Light coloured rugs brighten up the space and dirt and marks are readily visible. With professional cleaning every six months, you can maintain the lustre and look of the carpet.

Location of the Rug

If you have placed the rug in a high-traffic area, it will require more regular maintenance than those that are not much in use. Rugs that are in the living space or in the reception are more prone to dirt and dust and require cleaning whenever there are marks, stains and dirt.

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