What makes Persian rugs so special?

What makes Persian rugs so special?

To say the least, Persian tribal rugs are symbolic of beauty. These rugs are of amazing quality, which makes them so popular all around the world. These rugs are hand-woven by experienced and highly-skilled artisans, who work really hard to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. 

Just like kilim rugs, these rugs also hold a great place in Asia’s traditional history. Persian tribal rugs are more than 2,500 years old. Many of the people that manufacture these rugs come from families that have been practising this art for generations and expect their children to follow suit.

Persian tribal rugs are carefully woven by hand. A lot of love and care goes into their manufacturing. Innovation and creativity are integral to the manufacturing process. The artisans make sure that each handmade carpet is unique, and that no two carpets or rugs are identical. The designs are well thought-out and have a deep context.

All-natural wools are used to manufacture Persian tribal rugs. Silk and vegetable dyes are used for manufacturing, rather than other synthetic materials. The final designs are aesthetic and the rugs are durable. They have a long life compared to many other globally popular styles of rugs.

Unique features of Persian Rugs

Persian tribal rugs have many unique features that separate them from the rest of the crowd and make them easy to identify. Here are some such features:

  • Intricate all-over patterns: Persian tribal rugs have mainly floral patterns, although sometimes human or animal figures might be included. A medallion usually takes centre stage, and the resulting design is artistic, just like Kilin rugs.
  • Unique colour combinations: Some of the colours commonly used in most tribal rugs for sale these days are blue, brown and red. The colours are soft and subtle, adding sophistication to the design pattern. Some Persian tribal rugs also utilise extremely rich colour combinations.
  • Unique designs: As mentioned above, all Persian tribal rugs have unique designs. No two designs are similar. The design you own is a highly customised one and will always be different from any other Persian (or any other) rug anywhere in the world.
  • Fringed at both ends: Yet another unique feature of Persian tribal rugs is that they are fringed at both ends. This makes it easy to identify these rugs, as most other rug styles include fringes at one end or none of the ends. This also adds to the classy look of these highly traditional and ethnic rugs.
  • Pile thickness: Persian tribal rugs employ a very thick pile of up to 160 knots per square inch. This makes them much thicker than other rugs around the world.
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