Everything That You need to Know About Afghan Kilim Rugs

Everything That You need to Know About Afghan Kilim Rugs

Afghan Kilim rugs have been around for centuries, though a very small population of the world claims to know about them. Afghan Rugs are among the most artistic works of craftsmanship, which is why they continue to amaze the whole world. These rugs are part of an age-old tradition, which is still fresh in and outside Afghanistan.

Afghan Kilim rugs have many uses. For many years, these rugs have been exported from Asia to Europe. With the ease in connectivity, these rugs are now exported to literally all parts of the world. A great thing about these rugs is that they are highly functional and have many uses. From everyday home décor to parties, Afghan Kilim rugs can be used everywhere.

In some of the markets where they have a huge demand, Afghan kilim rugs are also available for sale. These rugs are of superior quality and are much more durable compared to many other types of rugs around the world. They have soft cushioning, which encourages parents to use them at home even with their young ones around. Besides their many uses, these rugs are also used by people as collectable items.

Afghan Kilim rugs are also long-lasting, due to the strong raw material and tremendous amount of effort that goes into making them. Even after years, the original colours of these rugs can be retained. Their maintenance is not that complicated, but for best results you should contact experts for rug cleaning in Melbourne.

Let us have a look at some features that make these rugs so special.

Special features of Afghan kilim rugs

  • Distinct patterns: Afghan kilim rugs have distinct patterns, which are unique and different from all other rug types found around the world.
  • Sophisticated designs and colours: These designs and colours gel well with almost all floor and wall designs. They easily complement all kinds of room layouts.
  • Minimal damage: The wool fibres of high-quality Afghan kilim rugs don’t draw away from the carpet surface easily. The rugs that are made from 100% wool are less prone to fire damage. The number of knots indicates the quality of an Afghan kilim rug.

Process of manufacturing Afghan kilim rugs

The process of manufacturing Afghan kilim rugs is long and requires great attention to detail. Five or more people are involved at a time while working on one rug. The rug-making industry employs roughly 2% of Afghanistan’s population – giving them plenty of incentives.

Afghan kilim rugs are prepared using a complex process that might take more than six months. The dyeing and colouring of these rugs are done by using local and natural resources. This includes a combination of wood, vegetables, fruits and flowers such as pomegranate peel, cochineal, sanamaki, walnut shells, and bone tree.

For the raw material of Afghan kilim rugs, a flock of sheep is chosen and sheared. The wool extracted is washed and yarns of wool are prepared. Professional weavers weave and knot this wool to create rugs. After this, the rugs are washed and hung out to dry.

Afghan kilim rugs for sale

Today, Afghan kilim rugs are available for sale throughout the world. While the external world has evolved a lot, the lack of technical innovations and other opportunities have helped Afghanistan retain the tradition of manufacturing rugs.

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