What is a Tribal Rug and How Does it Work?

What is a Tribal Rug and How Does it Work?

Tribal rugs are a sign of artistry and elegance. They have all the design elements that make them distinctive. With immense cultural significance, investing in these rugs will provide you with a wide range of benefits.

If you’ve recently come across tribal rugs in Melbourne, don’t think twice and add them to your space. Tribal rugs are traditional in terms of their design and patterns. They are imported from regions of Central Asia, Caucasus, Persia and even Kurdish.

What Makes Them Different?

The tribal rugs are distinguished by their conventional motifs. Every tribal rug piece looks extremely different when compared to modern or contemporary rugs. Manufactured by nomadic and semi-nomadic tribal weavers, they are carefully hand-knotted and convey a specific symbolic meaning.

From Bakhtiari to Turkoman, there are different types of tribal rugs available in Melbourne. No matter the size and style you want, you can find endless home décor possibilities with a tribal rug.

For instance, round rugs in Melbourne feature earthy tones that create a warm and inviting environment. The bold medallions combined with traditional symbols add to the distinctive of tribal rugs. The high-quality rug pieces are made using wool and vegetable dyes. They look stunning and exude beauty wherever you place them.

How To Define Your Space With Tribal Rugs?

When decorating your home with tribal rugs, you can experiment with timeless designs. These unique and trendy rugs come in vibrant colours, which means you can create a chic look in your home. The noticeable geometric patterns and attractive colours and textures will not go out of fashion.

Create A Contrast

Another way to spruce up your home with tribal round rugs in Melbourne is to create contrast. They instantly add vibrancy to a space with their distinguishing colours and designs. If you’re looking to invest in tribal rugs, they offer a safer option.

Great Versatility

The tribal rugs have been a part of the home décor trends for many centuries. You can also find tribal rug designs on apparel and artworks. Being one of the most versatile rugs, you can choose these rugs if you’re looking for something in between traditional and transitional rugs.

Easy Incorporation

Tribal rugs can help you create a personal signature style in your home. The classy diamond and other geometric patterns always stay on-trend. The tribal designs can be easily incorporated into your home. Choose a neutral tone rug and you’ve got yourself the perfect looking space.

If you are searching for tribal rugs in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. At Silk Road Handmade Rugs, we offer a wide range of tribal rugs in various colours and sizes. We have over 20 years of experience in supplying high-quality floor décor accessories as per your budget and design needs. We take pride in providing versatile rugs with the most exquisite designs.

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