6 Simple Tips for Choosing Designer Rugs

6 Simple Tips for Choosing Designer Rugs

Designer rugs in Melbourne are considered essential home decor furnishing pieces. They can complete the look of any space and provides the ultimate finishing touch.

If you are thinking of adding a designer rug to your living room, kitchen or bedroom, you may come across plenty of options but making the right purchasing decision can be hard. Since it’s a long-term investment, you must consider a few factors for creating a warm, cosy and welcoming environment in your home.

Want to buy rugs in Melbourne? This blog can help. Here you will find useful tips and ideas to make the right product selection.

The appropriate size:

You will find hundreds of rugs on sale in Melbourne but that doesn’t mean you should pick a rug only because it's cheaper than others or its colour matches your bedroom walls. Choosing the right size rug matters. It needs to be proportional to your space. Think- What is the shape and size of your room? Where will you be placing the room? Answering these questions will help you choose the perfect rug size.

Tip: For dining rooms, the rug must be large enough to cover the area even when you pull back the chairs. Measure your dining table and simply add up to 60 cm for each side. On the other hand, for your bedroom, you can go with a rug that fits the bed legs from all the sides.

Consider your personal taste

While browsing designer rugs in Melbourne, you must consider your personal taste and preference. Do you have a specific look or design in mind? Explore at least 10-15 rug designs that appeal to you. You can think about whether the rug is right for your home or not later because once you find the colour, patterns and designs that speak to you, placing the rug won’t be tough.

Tip: Research the latest rug designs and home styling trends. Create your own mood board and take inspiration from both online and offline resources.

Choose a colour scheme

Think of the rug colour when buying rugs in Melbourne. A rug adds not only beautifies a space but adds more depth and colour to it. Identifying your key objectives of adding a rug can help. Whether you want to add a pop of colour to your dull bedroom or you want to spruce up your living room makes all the difference. Rugs are beautiful art pieces no doubt, but having a specific colour scheme in mind can help you enhance your space décor.

Tip: Choose a light-coloured rug for compact rooms.

Assess your aim

What really is it that makes you think adding designer rugs in Melbourne is the best option? As not all rugs serve the same purpose, knowing exactly what you’re aiming for can help. From adding more colours to redefining the interiors, there are many reasons homeowners often consider installing contemporary designer rugs in their homes. Defining the objective will enable you to select the right size and shape for your rug as well.

Tip: If you want the rug to be the main highlight of your bedroom, then you can go with a silk rug. Or if you want to create a comfortable space to sit in the living room, then you can choose a thick, woollen rug as it is low maintenance and hypoallergenic.

Think of your interiors

Always consider the style of your interiors when browsing for rugs sales in Melbourne. If you have an easy-going décor, you can add a minimal art-deco-inspired rug. A geometric-shaped rug would look perfect in rooms that depict a classier and more sophisticated look. Whatever you choose, the rug should blend with the aesthetics and not make them dull.

Tip: Furnishing accessories like modern light fixtures or mirrors can add make your room more appealing. 

The right rug material

If you have children and pets at home, then expensive silk or fibre rug is not the right fit for you. Such rugs materials can be difficult to maintain. A more durable and resilient wool rug will be perfect for your home. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something fancy, look for tribal rugs and antique woven rugs.

Tip: Research the rug material properties and maintenance.

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